university of oklahomaLon KrugerUniversity of Oklahoma
The Exact Mechanics Shooting System is a new concept in basketball. The coaches are trained to teach their players a shooting program where every player has the same opportunity. The coaches can monitor & evaluate every shot taken & being with their players every day makes this a program every program should have. The “Shooter’s Learning Center” is in the gym 24/7/365 days a year. Coaches give this a look, it makes sense.
university of north carolinaRoy WilliamsUniversity of North Carolina
I feel comfortable recommending EIB’s Exact Mechanics Shooting System program & the Shooter’s Learning Center, which teaches the fundamentals of shooting a basketball to coaches & players. Bob has worked during my clinics & has a unique ability to communicate with coaches & players. The result, an immediate impact on their shot & increased enthusiasm for the game.
university of marylandMark TurgeonUniversity of Maryland Terrapins
The exact Mechanics Shooting System makes so much sense. With the Shooter’s Learning Center, it’s a can’t miss improving coach’s ability to teach their players to shoot. Bob is a first-class individual who cares about helping coaches & players better themselves. His track record speaks for itself & this program is something I would recommend to coaches across the country.