I understand! I’ve coached in school systems where the budget was nearly non-existent. Many programs have substantial budgets & have no problem with the cost, but every program has years where their budget is really stretched so we will list a number of innovative ways for coaches to make the EIB Shooting Clinics a reality & affordable, especially for schools with small budgets.

The EIB Coaches Shooting Clinic is unique because the school’s basketball program may be writing the check for the total program.

Players usually pay for clinics they attend. Clinics, where players pay, can range from $40 – $750 plus, depending on the length of camp & overnight stays. Look at an example of a modestly priced camp. $50/player, with 40 players paying = $2,000. Kids can still be left out financially and coaches get no training & retention is small.

The value is unmatched by any other clinic, GUARANTEED!

There are several options for financing your clinic & ways to cut costs.

  • Boys/girls coaches clinics combined – share cost.
  • If the player clinic option is included with the Coaches Clinics, they can pay a small fee.
  • Game program advertising by businesses during the season who sponsored the Coaches Shooting Clinic.
  • Alumni donations & participation – see below.
  • Raffle tickets for a large item or smaller items from local businesses.
  • Alumni game.

NOTE: If clinic costs are a problem, contact EIB for possible financing. (All financing must be signed by a high school administrator)

Fundraising Ideas

As a head coach, you have a lot going on. You want your team to have the best opportunities to make them & your program successful & compete at the highest levels. Instead of putting off the purchase of new equipment, opportunities, uniforms, etc. raise the money in 30 – 60 days? You have to know what to do, what tools to use & who to delegate the task to. Fundraising is a daunting task, but there is a simple solution. PUT SOMEONE ELSE IN CHARGE! Have them read the four steps below & explain what the team needs to raise money for, & let them set up the framework. Now you spend your time doing what you do best, coaching!

Utilize the 4 Steps Below To Hit Your Goals In Record Time!

  1. Engage Your alumni:
    • Create a Facebook Group for Basketball
    • Encourage alumni to invite others since you may not be connected to a large group of players, especially if a new coach.
    • Post when the annual alumni game is. Haven’t had one, start one.
    • This can be very beneficial and they feel a part of the program.
  2. Engage Parents & Fans:
    • Create an e-mail list or another FB group/fan page of those interested in following your program.
    • Post schedule, game scores, players of the game, statistics, videos from practice, etc.
    • One of your managers or assistant coach might head this up.
  3. Create A Simple Campaign:
    • The process is easy and a good one is “Go Fund Me”. Easy to use & a well-known platform.
    • It will run the campaign for you, allow you to accept payments online, and payout at end of the campaign period.
    • Write a short summary on what you are fundraising for & how it will help the program, add pictures & you are ready. Usually takes less than 5 minutes
  4. Share the campaign:
    • Now that you have supporters grouped up you have the perfect platform to share the campaign & encourage them to share with their networks.
    • With “Go Fund Me”, they will give you easy ways to share via email, Facebook, Twitter & more. You can even embed it in the school website.

You are engaging with people who are fans and supporters of your program. Create a simple campaign of your team’s needs & why. Share it and your players & their families will appreciate not having to sell candy, wrapping paper, etc.