Bob DrakeBob Drake was afforded an incredible opportunity few if any coaches have ever had. The chance to do one-on-one instruction nearly every day since 1988 with 1,000’s of players. His research found every male & female player should be taught to shoot the same exact shot; thus the “blueprint” was developed for constructing the perfect shot.

NBA player Klay Thompson’s shot closely resembles the Excellence in Basketball “blueprint.” With this “blueprint” a player can learn to shoot correctly at any point in their career. The Excellence in Basketball unique training method expedites the learning process.

Coach Drake was always concerned about the cost of clinics and the incredible increase in the number of private trainers. He was also concerned about the low retention rate by players no matter how good the trainer or clinician. The player starts to forget what was taught as early as leaving the training session.

As a result of these concerns, Coach Drake decided the answer was to train coaches. The “Coaches Shooting Clinic” was developed to train coaches to teach their own teams. The coaching staff, now become the professional shooting trainers. Players do not have to go outside the program to personal shooting trainers.

Coaches can now have total control of their shooting program.


  • Masters Education / Physical Education
  • Played for Hutchinson Community College, Hutchinson, Kansas – Lettered freshman year.
  • Played for California State University, Long Beach, CA – lettered.
  • 16 years of successful coaching in Kansas with teams ranked in the state & state tournament appearances.
  • International Basketball Clinician: Australia, England, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania.