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EIB is looking for reliable, dedicated basketball coaches to promote and train basketball coaches in your region in the Exact Mechanics Shooting System (EMSS). A time-proven system of over forty years with 1,000’s of athletes of all athletic abilities.

You will install a “Shooter’s Learning Center” and then train the coaching staff on the EMSS and the use of the “Shooter’s Learning Center.”

You will then monitor them as they train their own players in the EMSS.

You will also present a parent program using the EIB powerful PowerPoint presentation. This program introduces the parents to the EMSS program and also gives the coach a powerful sales tool in his program for their child. It will put all the onus on the player and gives every player the same opportunity. Can’t blame the coach anymore, he/she is giving their child a proven shooting system. It will also save parents from spending money going outside the program for help.

We make the coach the professional shooting instructor.​

Our goal is to develop coaches to have total knowledge of every aspect of the shot so they can teach their players the same, to be able to monitor & evaluate every shot taken in practice and games. RESULT IS


Personal attributes for our instructors should include enthusiasm, a sense of humor, and self-control. Meet coaches and player’s needs and have high moral character. To be able to relate to the parents in a Q&A session after the PowerPoint. Be a role model and set a positive example at all times.​

EMPLOYMENT TYPE: Seasonal/temporary​

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE: High school or college coach, college player, AAU / youth coach.​



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