completion certificateThis is the certificate the player earns after he/she has successfully completed the written test and the visual explanation of the Exact Mechanics Shooting System sequences.​
The certificate of Shot Knowledge is awarded when the player completes the qualifications of the EIB program. To qualify the player must take a written test and then be able to show visually and explain every aspect of the shot. They will also need to be able to evaluate their shot and explain why the shot was made or missed.​

The Exact Mechanics Shooting System shot sequences are:

1. Shooting position

2. Forehead

3. Release​

When the player receives a 95% on the written exam and can explain every facet of their shot; they are awarded the EIB Exact Mechanics Shooting System certificate.​

If the player is not able to meet the criteria at the clinic they will still be able to receive the certificate at a later date.

This is the beauty and importance of training the player’s coaches in the Exact Mechanics Shooting System. The coach will be able to award the certificate at a later date upon completion of the course by the player and the player can demonstrate they have total knowledge of their shot.​

NOTE: EIB & member coaches will be awarding additional certificates of excellence as players earn them. Examples – Certificates of Excellence in Creating Shots (shot fakes), passing, defense, etc.​

EIB’s excellence is in gaining the knowledge of becoming a total basketball player, not only in demonstrating fundamental skills but in total understanding of the game.​

NOTE: The picture frame shown with the certificate is not included.